Welding Types and Definitions 350mm/400mm by LAKE 1
Welding Types and Definitions 350mm/400mm by LAKE 2
Welding Types and Definitions 350mm/400mm by LAKE 3
Welding Types and Definitions 350mm/400mm by LAKE 1
Welding Types and Definitions 350mm/400mm by LAKE 2
Welding Types and Definitions 350mm/400mm by LAKE 3

Welding Types and Definitions 350mm/400mm by LAKE

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Product Name
AWS A5.1 E7018--Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes
Model Number
AWS E7018
Carbon Steel
Current Amplitude
Place of Origin
Made in Hangzhou, China

Procuct Description:


   LAKE BRAND---E7018 is a high-efficiency iron powder and low-hydrogen type electrode that can be used for high-strength steel, which can efficiently weld

   carbon steel and 16Mn and other important low-alloy steels.



Scope application:

   It is widely used in bridges, buildings, rolls and machinery with a very wide range of applications.


Diameter(mm) 2.5 3.2 4.0 5.0
Welding Current(A) 50~90 80~120 120~170 150~200

Company Advantages

1. The design of LAKE powder coating has taken different aspects into consideration. It is created by our designers who consider the bathroom space, style matching, and overall aesthetic appeal.

2. The design of LAKE flux core is carried out using CAD technology. The design is done by CAD technicians who can create a 3D bathroom scene where the product is placed in.

3. LAKE stainless steel welding rod is the combination of customers' requirements with our innovative design ideas. It is created with ideal functions based on different space sizes of bathroom or washroom by our professional designers.

4. The manufacturing of LAKE welding rods is sophisticated and requires much workmanship. The processes mainly include: raw materials inspection, sizing formula, ball milling, glaze treating, and sintering.

5. The production process of LAKE customized welding mainly includes three parts. These parts, namely, sizing processing, glaze processing, and quality inspection, are all conducted under strict control and inspection.

6. The QC team is highly responsible for the quality of the product.

7. Its functionality testing is in compliance with the expected standards.

8. Our quality control ensures that customers receive the product free from defects.

9. It has undergone significant enhancements in capabilities.

10. Providing the most reliable welding meterial for customers always will help LAKE to stand out in the market.

11. Manufacturing the flawless OEM welding manufacturer is always the development goal of LAKE.

12. In order to meet the higher quality requirements of customers, LAKE has carried out refined quality assurance procedure.

13. Strict quality assurance ensures the higher performance of welding consumables.

Company Features

LAKE ​​is the best-selling domestic welding electrodes brand. LAKE is one of the hot brands of welding electrodes. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD is one of the largest welding electrodes leaders in China. LAKE ​​is one of the most famous welding electrodes brands in China. LAKE ​​is the first brand of Chinese exported welding electrodes.

In a global economic environment, we ship our products across China and to other countries, including America, Australia, Japan, and South Africa. Our factory operates in conformity with the industry standard, being supervised by the qualified structural and technological department. And the introduction of advanced equipment allows us to manufacture the most optimal products. Over the past few years, our company has won several national and international awards. This means our outstanding products and services are recognized. In the past few years, we have completed orders from customers all over the world and have been recognized as a successful manufacturer in the welding electrodes industry.

We will always fulfill our contractual obligations so as to act responsibly for customers. We will spare no effort to avoid any kind of contract or promise-breaking issues. We adhere to the commitment of business integrity. We emphasize truthful and accurate communication of information about our services, avoiding misleading or deceptive information. We uphold a customer-first strategy. We seek the best way to serve them, listen to them, and improve ourselves to cater to clients' requirements.

Application of the Product

The welding types and definitions produced by lakewelding is of high quality and is widely used in the industry.

lakewelding can provide customers with one-stop solutions of high quality, and meet customers' needs to the greatest extent.



                           Inner Box                        Outer box (carton)
                               5kg                          20kg(4 boxes)



Safety standard:

   LAKE BRAND----E7018 has passed the ISO9001 quality standard, conforms to the international standard, also has passed a number of classification societies ceritfications.



Quality assurance:

   Before putting into production, the professional technical team will conduct multiple experiments on all aspects to ensure the quality of  products.

   Before sales, it will conduct multiple product random inspections, from before-production to after-production. Every link guarantees the quality of the products.





   If you have any questions or problems in the whole production and sales process, you can give us feedback at any time.

   We will serve you immediately and looking forward to your advisory.

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