Quality LAKE Brand 40-190 6010 Welding Rod 1
Quality LAKE Brand 40-190 6010 Welding Rod 2
Quality LAKE Brand 40-190 6010 Welding Rod 1
Quality LAKE Brand 40-190 6010 Welding Rod 2

Quality LAKE Brand 40-190 6010 Welding Rod

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Product Name
Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes AWS A5.1 E6010
Carbon Steel
Current Amplitude
Place of Origin
Made in Hangzhou, China

Company Advantages

1. The design of LAKE flux welding is knowledge-intensive. It is closely related to social sciences and natural sciences such as literature, art, philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, physiology, and ergonomics.

2. Choosing the fabric suitable for LAKE welding consumables is one of the most important aspects of its production. The designer chooses its fabrics on the basis of fashion trends, quality, performance, price, and suitability.

3. The design of LAKE welding meterial can be interpreted within the context of current fashion. It is a fine arrangement of lines, shapes, colors, and texture that create a visual image.

4. It has a fine hardness. It has good cracking proof capacity and is not easy to deform due to the cold stamping process during production.

5. This product has good strength. It is made of heavy-duty welded metal, which makes contribution to the excellent hardness and provides strong impact resistance to fight against deformation.

6. This product has a precise dimension. Its manufacturing process adopts the CNC machines and advanced technologies, which guarantee its accuracy in size and shape.

7. The product is built to last. It holds the features of rust-resistant to prevent it from water or moisture corrosion on the basis of the high-quality metal materials used in it.

8. The product is expected to be reliable, requiring minimal maintenance, which helps improve and enhance the delivery of care.

9. There is no doubt that this product has had a huge impact on healthcare, improving both efficiency and patient care.

10. The product is designed to deliver safety and comfort for the patients and provide enough support for the healthcare practitioners.

11. The product is able to offer certain functions and it works seamlessly together to ensure that patients are properly treated.

Product Description:

    LAKE BRAND --- E6010 is carbon steel welding electrode with high cellulose sodium type coating, which adopts direct current reverse polarity, and the welding speed is very fast.

    It can be welded on one side and on both sides when the bottom layer is welded. 

    On-site circumferential seams are welded vertically downwards in all positions.


Scope of application:

   Mainly used for welding general carbon steel pipellines.


Diameter(mm) 2.5 3.2 4.0 5.0
Welding Current(A) 40~70 70~110 110~160 160~190



Quality LAKE Brand 40-190 6010 Welding Rod 3

Company Features

With fully-integrated value chain, XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD achieves global distribution of 6013 welding rod. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD's unique advantage in 6013 welding rod makes it one of leading company in the industry of 6013 welding rod. With flexible operation of 6013 welding rod and technical strength, XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD is widely recognized by customers. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD is a renowned company which integrates manufacturing, processing, dyeing and selling of 6013 welding rod. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD is a leading supplier of 6013 welding rod with business scope of

All our technician in XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD are well trained to help customers solve problems for 6013 welding rod. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD owns a professional team of technicians to keep improving our 6013 welding rod. Our excellent technicians are always on standby to provide help or explanation for any problem that happened to our 6013 welding rod.

XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD thinks in new ways to provide solutions that improve customers’ business. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD is ready to embrace different cultures. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD has a unique corporate advantage with its 6013 welding rod. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD succeed through partner work with customers elevating our performance to higher levels. Innovation is a cornerstone of XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD's success.

Product Details

Our 6011 welding rod's outstanding quality is shown in the details.

Application of the Product

lakewelding's 6011 welding rod is widely applicable in the industry.

We can provide customers with the most professional and effective solutions based on market research results and customer needs.

Product Comparison

Compared with products in the industry, lakewelding's 6011 welding rod has the outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

lakewelding has a team of highly qualified personnel with professional knowledge to ensure the quality and safety of products.

lakewelding has a complete after-sales service system to solve problems for customers.

Our company will always insist on taking the market as the guide and performing continuous industrial upgrading. We operate our business according to the philosophy of 'law-abiding, integrity management, cooperation and win-win'. Moreover, our goal is to achieve international development based on the local market. Therefore, we continue to be provide consumers with quality products and professional services.

After years of rapid development, lakewelding gains good economic and social benefits. Now we are a leading enterprise in the industry with advanced technology and good service.

lakewelding constructs a comprehensive sales network by actively developing sales channels. are sold to multiple domestic provinces and cities as well as East Asia, South Asia, and other regions.





   We are always focused on the quality and performance of our products, and we have done utmost in packaging to create a simple, beautiful and generous image.

   The E6010 series models are also very cost-effectiveness and are well received by new and old customers.


Inner box  Outer box (carton)
5kg 20kg (4 boxes)


   After 34 years of development, LAKE BRAND has become a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province and has been recognized by professional organizations.

   We can provide customized services according to customers' needs, change packaging, OEM processing and other services as much as possible.



Safety Standards:

   Our company always attaches great importance to product  safety. After testing, all indicators are in full compliance with international standards and have passed 

   ISO9001 certification. In addition, our company insists on the stability of procurement of raw materials, guarantees the quality of the products from the source,

   and conducts professional technical inspections and tests at all stages of production. The quality management system is complete.




  If you have any problems in our all process, you can give us feedback at any time, and we will serve you immediately.


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