LAKE Brand 350mm/400mm Carbon Steel Chemical Composition Table 350mm/400mm Supplier 1
LAKE Brand 350mm/400mm Carbon Steel Chemical Composition Table 350mm/400mm Supplier 1

LAKE Brand 350mm/400mm Carbon Steel Chemical Composition Table 350mm/400mm Supplier

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Product Name
Carbon Steel Welding Electrode AWS A5.1 E7016
Carbon steel
Current Amplitude
Place of Origin
Made in Hangzhou, China

Company Advantages

1. LAKE best arc welding rod has an aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

2. Advanced technology and best raw materials play an important role in manufacturing quality LAKE stainless steel rod.

3. LAKE flux core welding wire comes in a wide range of practical and creative designs.

4. All incoming materials are inspected to ensure they match the quality requirement.

5. All its technical details are investigated to make sure the right quality of the product.

6. It is strictly controlled by our QC department before shipment.

7. Providing soft and smooth illumination, this product is very popular owing to the fact that it will not cause eye fatigue even users work under it for a long time.

8. Containing no mercury or other dangerous heavy metals, this product is the preferred lighting item for users because it can protect users from harm such as radiation and eye fatigue.

9. If used in commercial areas, the benefits of this product are more obvious. This product needs no bulb replacement which requires a high labor cost and time.

10. This product is definitely a great budget. It will let users aware of how energy efficient it is over time compared to the old bulbs.

Product Description:

   LAKE BRAND--- E7016 is a special welding electrode for vertical downward fillet welding with low-hydrogen potassium type coating.

   It has good welding process performance. During the welding process, the strip is transported from top to bottom, and the welding seam has a uniform

   welding wave and beautiful shape.



                 (1)Soft and stable arc;

                 (2)Smooth forming and no undercut;

                 (3)Good fluidity and slag removal;

                 (4)Good mechanical properties.


Scope of Application:

   It can be used for welding carbon steel and 16Mn and other important low-alloy steels, such as welding marine steel A/B/D/E/A36/E36 or corresponding grade steel.


Diameter(mm) 2.5 3.2 4.0 5.0
Welding Current(A) 55~85 80~120 110~170 150~200

Company Features

XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD is a company which focuses on qualified welding company and considerate service. After years of development, LAKE has been a leader in producing welding company. LAKE is famous as a pioneer in welding company market. As an outstanding welding company supplier, XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD are strong enough to equip with advanced technical force and professional technicians. LAKE is highly recommended by more customers.

We have an export license issued by the National Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Administrative Department. The export license has enabled us to unlock the international welding company market and expand the scope operation. Our company has been licensed with an export license. The license is issued by the Foreign Trade Department. With this license, we can avail of benefits such as tax policy from the Department for the export scheme, hence we can provide more price-competitive products to clients. This company has established a strong client base. We have conducted local market surveys to gain an insight into buyers' purchasing tendencies so that we upgraded our products to better cater to clients. The company has got the export license years ago. With this license, we have availed benefits in the form of subsidies from the Customs and Export Promotion Council authorities. This has promoted us to win over the welding company market by offering price-competitive products.

XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD knows better about your production needs. Let us be your trusted adviser on welding company. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD delivers value to our customers that help them succeed.

Product Details

lakewelding pays great attention to details of carbon steel chemical composition table.

Application of the Product

lakewelding's carbon steel chemical composition table is available in a wide range of applications.

With a focus on customers' potential needs, lakewelding has the ability to provide one-stop solutions.

Product Comparison

The quality of lakewelding's carbon steel chemical composition table is better than the quality of its peer products. It is shown in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company not only has a number of people with rich industry experience, but also maintains a long-term cooperation with famous domestic scientific research institutions. All this provides favorable conditions for our development.

Meeting customers' needs is lakewelding's duty. The comprehensive service system is established to provide customers with personalized services and to improve their satisfaction.

With a focus on customers, our company improves our service based on honest and reliable management. In addition, we practice the spirit of 'exploitation, innovation, high efficiency'. We believe that innovation leads to development and market brings benefit.

Having experienced years of arduous development and innovation, lakewelding is now an enterprise with leading production technology in the industry.

lakewelding's are well sold in the domestic market. They are also exported to some countries and regions, such as Europe, North America, and Australia. They are favored by many foreign customers.



   LAKE BRAND always foucuse on the quality and performance and we have done our best in packaging to create a simple and beautiful image.

   E7016 series are very cost-effective, and deeply loved by our clients.

  After 34 years of development, LAKE brand has become a famous brand in Zhejiang Province .

Inner box  Outer box(carton)
5kg 20kg (4 boxes)

   We can provide customized services according to needs, such as change packaging, OEM processing and other services as much as possible.


Safety Standard:

   Our company always attaches the great importance to product safety.

   After testing, all indicators are in full compliance with international standards. In addition, our company insists on the stability of the procurement of raw materials, 

   guarantees the quality from the source, and the qulity management system is complete.



   (1)Need to be dried at 300-350 ℃ for 60 minutes before welding;

   (2)Using back welding method or adding arc ignition plate to start arc so that can avoid arc ignition pits;

   (3)Use screen to shield in case of strong wind.

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