LAKE Brand 1t Carbon Steel Chemical Composition Table 1t Supplier 1
LAKE Brand 1t Carbon Steel Chemical Composition Table 1t Supplier 1

LAKE Brand 1t Carbon Steel Chemical Composition Table 1t Supplier

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Product Name
Carbon Steel Welding Electrode AWS A5.1 E7016
Carbon steel
Current Amplitude
Place of Origin
Made in Hangzhou, China

Company Advantages

1. welding rods is made of high-quality materials and is baked at a high temperature. It has thick texture and smooth and bright glazed layer. It also feels fine. It is solid and durable.

2. welding material uses high-quality kaolin as raw materials. It is carefully made based on multiple complex procedures. It is a beautiful and functional product with thick texture and bright glazed layer.

3. welding electrode specification is baked at a high temperature with the use of high-quality blanks. It is firm and durable with thick texture. It still looks as bright as new during a long time use.

4. cast iron is firm and thick with good resistance to abrasion and dirt. The glazed layer is not easy to be scratched and damaged. It provides convenience for cleaning. It will look as clean as new just by gently wiping with a wet towel.

5. The welding wire is very convenient and easy to handle for its high performance.

6. Produced by sophisticated technology, welding manufacturer is of great performance.

7. flux core welding jobs are durable in use.

8. carbon steel can greatly improve capacity for your products.

9. There are many functions for welding material for your choice.

10. It can easily meet or exceed customers' expectation.

11. This product is very profitable and brings benefits to customers.

12. We believe this product can fill the market vacancies in the industry.

13. With good conveniences, the product is easy to apply in different scenarios.

Product Description:

   LAKE BRAND--- E7016 is a special welding electrode for vertical downward fillet welding with low-hydrogen potassium type coating.

   It has good welding process performance. During the welding process, the strip is transported from top to bottom, and the welding seam has a uniform

   welding wave and beautiful shape.



                 (1)Soft and stable arc;

                 (2)Smooth forming and no undercut;

                 (3)Good fluidity and slag removal;

                 (4)Good mechanical properties.


Scope of Application:

   It can be used for welding carbon steel and 16Mn and other important low-alloy steels, such as welding marine steel A/B/D/E/A36/E36 or corresponding grade steel.


Diameter(mm) 2.5 3.2 4.0 5.0
Welding Current(A) 55~85 80~120 110~170 150~200

Company Features

XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD has become a well-known manufacturer in the Chinese market. We mainly provide innovative carbon steel and related product portfolio. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD has been widely accepted by overseas customers as we begin to provide high-quality carbon steel in the international market. After years of engagement in the R&D, design, and manufacture of carbon steel, XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD has become a professional manufacturer in the industry.

bmak3kx2 professionals have always been very deliberate about the quality of our materials to ensure the promised performance of our products. At XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD, we are singularly focused on the customer’s experience whether in purchase experience or user experience. XINANJIANG WELDING ELECTRODES CO,. LTD is armed with authoritative experts for carbon steel manufacturing and inspection. We have a large inventory of carbon steel in stock at competitive prices, and we are known for our fast, courteous service.

For the goal of pioneering carbon steel industry, serving customers with best products and service has been LAKE doing. To satisfy each customer, LAKE will be never contented with its achievements. LAKE promises to improve carbon steel through innovation, diligent research and development.

Product Details

lakewelding will present you carbon steel chemical composition table's details in the following section.

Application of the Product

Our carbon steel chemical composition table is widely used.

Since the establishment, lakewelding has always been focusing on the R&D and production of With strong production strength, we can provide customers with personalized solutions according to customers' needs.

Product Comparison

lakewelding's carbon steel chemical composition table has better performances, as shown below.

Enterprise Advantages

lakewelding has professional development teams, which provides a strong guarantee for a wide range of products.

Based on the service principle of 'high cost or low price, our service is always considerate', our company creates an efficient, timely and mutually beneficial service environment for customers.

Based on the business philosophy of 'integrity, responsibility, excellence, innovation', lakewelding always focuses on independent innovation and builds a better technology platform with the strategic vision. In this way, our core competitiveness would be greatly enhanced.

Founded in lakewelding has experienced a major change in the past years.

Our business scope is centered on the city, and it has expanded into many central cities across the country in a diamond shape. It has opened up the international market with a diversified chain marketing perspective. At present, our products share has been increased rapidly in the international market.



   LAKE BRAND always foucuse on the quality and performance and we have done our best in packaging to create a simple and beautiful image.

   E7016 series are very cost-effective, and deeply loved by our clients.

  After 34 years of development, LAKE brand has become a famous brand in Zhejiang Province .

Inner box  Outer box(carton)
5kg 20kg (4 boxes)

   We can provide customized services according to needs, such as change packaging, OEM processing and other services as much as possible.


Safety Standard:

   Our company always attaches the great importance to product safety.

   After testing, all indicators are in full compliance with international standards. In addition, our company insists on the stability of the procurement of raw materials, 

   guarantees the quality from the source, and the qulity management system is complete.



   (1)Need to be dried at 300-350 ℃ for 60 minutes before welding;

   (2)Using back welding method or adding arc ignition plate to start arc so that can avoid arc ignition pits;

   (3)Use screen to shield in case of strong wind.

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