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There are a handful of Tig Welding supplies that you really need to get started. First of all, You definitely need some good Tig Welding gloves. Not garden gloves from Home Depot,,. Tig Welding gloves that are so soft you can pick up a dime. They really make a difference in being able to feed the filler rod. How you gonna Tig weld if you cant feed the filler rod?? 2% Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes...as good as thoriated without the Radioactive thorium I stuck with 2% thoriated for a long time. It worked great ... but on A/C the tip kind of got jacked up at high amperage. I tried 1.5% and 2% lanthanated and learned that both work fine but the 2% lanthanated works great and even better on A/C. And For TIG inverters like the Miller Dynasty 200dx or the Lincoln Invertec v205t, it is Da shizz. It holds up really well at high frequencies like 120-150 HZ. It stays sharp on DC too. The only drawback is that is does not break easily...you have to cut it with a grinder. But if there is anything to the caution about radioactivity, (I still have not bought in) then it is definitely worth swapping over to lanthanated. Its a rare thing that a safer substitute works as good or better than the real deal. There is no substitute for being able to see exactly where you are going to strike an arc with having to flip your helmet down. For experienced welders, it is second nature. But for hobby welders and weekend warriors, nodding the welding helmet is just on more thing to think about. get yourself a good autodarkening helmet. For tig welding, you need a good one...one that is rated for low amperage or maybe even has an electromagnetic sensor that picks up even the lowest amp starts.

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1. Do DC Comics fans like the "New 52" OR New Earth stories better?

I never read New Earth. But when New 52 came out I wanted to try it and really get into a comic series for the first time. But then I saw White Rabbit. I mean seriously DC? Seriously? I get the idea of fan service I really do, but she just looks absurd. The corset, the high heels, the thong? REALLY? I quit reading more because I do not have the time or money to keep up with it, but the completely halfwit handling of female characters does not inspire me to really try harder.

2. How do you put a throttle on an electric engine?

Is that motor out of a clothes dryer or a hair dryer? All clothes dryer motors I know of run on 120V or 240V AC, not 24V DC. Maybe some newer ones do run on DC; I dunno. Regulating the speed of a DC motor is easy: Put some sort of resistor in series with the motor. The value of resistance to use depends on the current involved (the higher current, the less resistance needed to slow the motor). The wattage rating of the resistor must be sufficient that it wo not burn up under normal-use conditions; Volts X Amps = Watts; use a resistor rated for 4 times as many watts as it will need to handle. For example, if the motor draws 10 Amps at 25 Volts, that is 250 Watts; regardless of the number of Ohms of resistance, a 1,000 Watt resistor is called for. Mamma mia, that's a BIG-a resista! Radio Shack may have resistors rated up to as much 5 Watts. You would need to look elsewhere, such as suppliers of parts for radio broadcast transmitters. There are other ways to control the speed, most notably switching-type voltage and current regulators, which would not involve such large parts, but to find what you need, look for suppliers of control systems for industrial equipment.

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3. What supplies ATS control circuit when the mains fail?

It's simple, in the company where I work The ATS receives DC power to turn on its display lights and to control/ operate the generator.It gets its DC power from the plus and negative wires in the generator's control panel (which come from the starter) and the starter gets these same wires from the battery.In other words, the generator's battery is giving DC power to the ATS. And to ensure that the generator battery can Continually keep powering the ATS and the generator's own display screen without the battery going dead, then what is done is that 220 volts is taken from the building cables (which are connected in the ATS) and this 220 volts is given to a battery charger, which receives 220 volts on one side and on the other side it sends wires that charge the generator battery. And that is how the ATS always has power because the generators battery always has power to give to the ATS because the battery charger ensures this.

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